Mission Statement:
My purpose is not here to tell how you run your life or how to beat the stock market but rather..... I help people realign their financial expenditures with their core value to help you identify what's important to you and set up an action plan to get there I am here to find people who need my services to define their dreams.  

About Winnie

I am in the business over 10 years now and have 3 wonderful children already on the working force. I am the independent insurance broker and also a mutual fund specialist. I have a group of possession in my team which is including lawyer, accounting and most of all a certified financial planner.My job is to find individuals who need my services and have a desire to live a wealthy and healthy life.

Why you might need my services?

  • Do you have a plan?
  • Short term plan (such as money for traveling, buying a car, planning a weeding, down payment for your dream home, children education)
  • Long term plan (Retirment-When do you plan on retiring?do you have a pension plan?)
  • Estate planning
  • Too much money? Too little money?
  • Do you know how to leave your assets for the next generation?
  • Do you have a plan when the bread winner is out of the picture or disable?

Insurance & Financial Planning

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